What a fantastic way to spend the fall of 2013!

We welcomed several thousand visitors to our 7,500 + square foot, ocean front entry this year.  The weather was perfect!  We actually had to track down a group that had made themselves at home on one of the many upper decks.  They were chatting away and almost got locked in with the security system on.  They reluctantly left and promised to be back the next day.  And they were… along with a myriad of other fine folks.

The Beach House

The interior of the home is magnificent, but the draw of the Atlantic Ocean is strong...
…too strong to fight.

Kudos to our owners for allowing us to open up their home… wide open, to the general public.  They are truly fantastic clients and friends.  We were blessed again to win the top place Diamond Award for this home during the 2013 Brunswick County Parade of Homes.  It was in the top price category of… well, you know the old saying right?  We truly want to thank everyone for their many kind words and compliments.  It was also nice seeing so many of our builder peers come through who truly appreciate our craft.

The Beach House

Warm, inviting and intriguing...
…it draws you in like a moth to a flame.