At First,
Dreams seem impossible,
then improbable,
and eventually inevitable.

-Christopher Reeve-

How Can We Help?


Build from the ground up.

Bring us your plans or work with one of our design partners to design and build  your new home.


Renovate – Remodel – Refresh

Add more space.  Improve functionality.  Breath new life into a room.  Renew.  Update & upgrade.


New construction or upfits.

Got a great idea for a new store?  Need more office space?  Want the coolest new brewery around?


a few words about us

Blue Sky Building Company was founded in 2004.  What feeling do you get when you look at a cloudless blue sky?  Happiness.  Contentment.  Hope.  Maybe you sing like Ella Fitzgerald – “Blue Skies smiling at me.  Nothing but blue skies do I see.”  Isn’t that a great feeling!

Named for the intrepid blue skies of the Carolinas, Luke & Sandy Perisich created a building company that they would want to work with.  Honesty.  Commitment.  A drive to always keep going, always do better, always treat people the way you want to be treated.

this is why

you should choose us



There are a lot of builders vying to be the biggest and the best.  They can have the biggest.  But what defines the best though?  Is it the most permits pulled or the most homes closed?  If you want to deal with multiple layers of management, then there are lots of builders to choose from.  If you want a small builder that can work directly with you to accomplish your goals together, then we are the right size for you.



Both Sandy and Luke spend hundreds of hours each year in a variety of volunteer based programs.  That focus ranges from helping those in our community live a more faith based lifestyle to keeping other volunteers safe while they assist in humanitarian and disaster relief work.



Why is that important?  For 15 years we have held the highest license limitation for builders in North Carolina.  That means that we have strong financial history.  It means we can build pretty much anything, residential or commercial, anywhere in North Carolina.  We are your builder.

Looking for...



Sometimes you just want a builder friend to bounce an idea off of.  Hey!  Is this a great idea or a terrible idea?  Can I afford to do this?  Get in touch with us  and we will talk you out of the tree or farther up its branches.  Because that is what we will become.  Your builder friend.

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