A Few Words

Chocolate and peanut Butter

Bacon and…. anything.

Some things just naturally work well together.  Luke & Sandy were married in 1990.  The rest is history.


Luke has been in the building business for over 30 years now.  The last 18 years have been spent building custom homes of varying size and scope from the Piedmont to the Coast of North Carolina.  This range of product, from vacation homes, private estates on special lots and retirement homes in gated communities, has allowed him to assimilate local knowledge after relocating from Pennsylvania.  While in Pennsylvania, he built new homes along Lake Erie for 10 years. It would be an understatement to say that this really helped him to understand the need for strong, energy efficient construction. Prior to that, he did some commercial framing, residential and commercial flooring, roofing and general renovations.

Sandy worked most of her early career in the insurance industry.  She holds a NC Real Estate Brokers license.  She handles aspects of the business that Luke doesn’t have the patience for, like insurance regulatory conformance and really exciting stuff like that.

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