Leviton SmarTest GFCI

How often do you test your GFCI?  My what!?  Yeah, that's the problem.... and why UL changed things. Starting June 29, 2015 Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has announced a revision to standard UL 943. This revision requires that all UL certified Class A residential and commercial grade box-mounted GFCI have: a) An auto-monitoring function that will allow for periodic automatic testing (self-test) of the GFCI device and

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Revient Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood has uniqueness, intrinsic value, distinct aesthetic beauty, heritage, and history of origin. Want some? You will need to drive down old dirt roads, peer through the underbrush to find an old barn or mill. Now figure out who owns it and get permission to tear the structure down. Then hire the folks you need to get in there and dismantle it in a

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