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Custom Homes

Some of our clients come to us right when they purchase their dream home site. They are ready to get started building the home they’ve had in their heads, in their notebook or on that napkin for years now.  Some bought a home site with a future vision, knowing it would someday be the right time to build their dream home.  Yet other clients come to us after a long and extensive search for the perfect existing home comes up empty. All are ready to design and a build a home just for them.

Unique Homes

We never build the same home twice and we always look for ways to make each one even more unique in its own rite. This includes finishes, colors, interior design, energy efficiency and a myriad of other unique features.

We will work with our clients own architect, help them find a residential designer or match them up any one of several architects and residential designers that share our same core philosophy.